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Excel and Automate

Efficiency drivers for business!

How we can help you and your business

We solve your data challenges. We use Excel, macros (VBA), and custom programming to analyze, clean, and transform data into information you can use. We are experts at automating manual and repetitive tasks. We scrape websites for data you need. Our goal is to save you time and money by maximizing your productivity. Hire us on demand with no long term commitments.

Interested in learning more? Check out some of the work we have done for clients or for a more thorough list of solutions please click on our services link.

Email or call (617) 863-7199 for a free no-hassle consultation to discuss your specific challenges and how we can solve them.

What defines us

We are passionate about finding solutions to make people's lives easier and businesses more efficient. Our world is automation and data analysis and we want you to experience how these tools can transform your business.

Success stories from our clients

"Excel and Automate is our go to for fast solutions to alleviate the headache of tedious, time-consuming work. They built customized Excel macros to automate the comparison of employee count from month to month and to reconcile new, and deleted employees. With a push of a button, we can determine whether the number of employees in a particular department increased or decreased from the prior month. Before we spent 8 or more hours per month comparing records. Now our team is freed up to focus on more productive work. ...read more

They also built a customized template for talent development that combined multiple paper assessments and compiled the data into a 1-page summary. This eliminated having our managers complete individual paper assessments for every direct report, tallying the scores for each, and then manually inputting the data into a summary report. With the new template, managers completed the assessments electronically and the rest was automated. This turned a process that most managers dreaded into a positive experience." ...read less

Lori Fauvie, Global Division HR Manager, Chomerics

"Excel and Automate saved the day for us. Our database with all our patient information was corrupted as well as the backups. We were in panic mode. Luckily, we had printouts of all the records. They scanned them and used OCR to extract the data from the images to rebuild the database. They also did a mail merge so we could send customized letters to all patients for an upcoming event.

We estimated that we would have spent over 45 hours to recreate the data by manually typing it in with a strong chance of introducing errors. Excel and Automate extracted the data quickly without errors at a fraction of what it would have cost in employee time and wages."

Robert Schoenberg, DDS, Prospect Hill Dental